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Don S-Open 1-Crazy Woman Creek in Crazy

       "We make photographs to understand what our lives mean to us."

       ~Ralph Hattersley

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Photo by Don Spivey, "Crazy Woman Creek"

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About Us

The East Texas Camera Club was formed in 2009 by local photographers in order to connect with fellow enthusiasts who share the passion of photography.  Through education and camaraderie, our mission is to help one another to grow as photographers, to enhance our appreciation for the world around us, and to forge new friendships.

Our members have wide-ranging interests and specialties, including nature, wildlife, sports, travel, portraiture, and more.  Likewise, all skill levels are represented in the club, from beginner to semi-professional & pro.  No matter one's interests or experience, our cornerstone is a culture of support.


Monthly meetings are held in which we provide an informative program followed by a constructive critique of submitted photos in both thematic and open categories.  Additionally, the club actively participates in presenting our work to an audience through local contests and exhibits.

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