Meetings & Announcements

Meeting Location & Time


The Masonic Lodge,

1329 East 5th Street,

Tyler, TX 75701

Overflow parking is available at the Boy Scouts of America Building next door on the East side of the Lodge.

Time: 6:30pm

Next Meeting Date, Program & Theme

10 December 2022: 4:30pm - 8:00pm

​Program: Group Photography Event on the Square in Downtown Marshall

Task:  Photograph the Christmas Lights for submission as the theme at our January meeting.

There is NO regular meeting in December & the above event is in its place.

Monthly Photo Submission Requirements:

A maximum of 2 images may be submitted if you are submitting for the Theme and Open categories. Theme photos MUST have been taken since the last meeting whereas Open photos may be taken anytime. The reason for this requirement is to encourage members to go out and take photographs.


Photos may be submitted as follows:

​​*  ONE theme and ONE open

TWO theme & NO open

if NO theme submission, ONE open only

Images should be in jpg format as follows:

Max image size = 1920 pixels in long direction @ 72 dpi

Name image files as follows: Your Name - Category - Your Title.jpg

For example:

Roberts A - Theme - Dark Sky.jpg

Roberts A - Open - Hit the Trail.jpg

Please submit your photos to Danny Pickens at

Editing may be done as desired and the only rule that applies is that if you create a composite image, all images used in the composite must have been taken by you. We also ask that, at the club meeting, members briefly explain editing techniques they used to help other members grow in their photographic journey.

Past Meetings - 2022

10 November 2022

​Program: Annual business meeting

Theme:  Phone Photography

13 October 2022

​Program: "Phone Photography" by Larry Golden

Theme:  Night Sky

08 September 2022

​Program: "Astro-Photography" by Jeff Husted

Theme:  Portrait Lighting

11 August 2022

​Program: "Light as an Artistic Tool" by Amy Dumas

Theme:  The 'S' Curve

14 July 2022

​Program: Annual Print Competition

Theme:  No photo submissions made due to the print competition

9 June 2022

​Program: 27 Essential Photography Tips by Jerry Martin

Theme:  "Diffuse Light"

12 May 2022

Program: Editing Workflow by Cliff McKenzie

Theme:  Window Light

14 April 2022

Program: Tripods - Charles Scott

Theme: Flight

10 March 2022

Program: So you want to shoot birds... Redux - Danny Pickens

Theme: Western

10 February 2022

Program: Rodeo Photography - Cathy Bivens.

Theme: The Nifty 50

13 January 2022

Program: "The Basics of Focal Length, Depth of Field & Sensor Sizes" - Alan Roberts. This was aimed at those new to photography. The presentation was recorded on video and click HERE if you would like to see it.

​Theme: Christmas Lights

Past Meetings - 2021

11 November 2021

  • Officers were nominated and approved by all present for 2022. Following are the positions:

President:  Amy Dumas

Vice President:  Jeff Husted (new)

Secretary:  Sandra Boynton (continuing in position)

Treasurer:  Sharla Drain (continuing in position)

Image Presenter:  Danny Pickens (continuing in position)

Sound & Video: Michael Hampton (continuing in position)

Webmaster:  Alan Roberts (continuing in position)


​​​14 October 2021


Amy Dumas gave a presentation showing how to use masking in Photoshop. Click on this LINK to watch a recording Amy made of her presentation.


September 09, 2021

Alex Woodcock gave an interesting presentation on pet photography. Here below is a link to her presentation. Once you click on it you will be able to save the pdf file on your computer. Pet Photography

August 12, 2021

Larry Golden spoke about and showed photographs that he, Danny Pickens and Michael Castleberry took on a recent trip to Alaska to photograph bears in the wild catching salmon.


July 08, 2021

In place of a regular meeting, we held our first ever print competition. Numerous members submitted prints and members were randomly assigned to score two images using a standardized score sheet.

June 10, 2021

Don Spivey gave a presentation on what the club is doing for a "Beginner Photography Mentoring Program" to help members new to photography:

May 13, 2021

Charles Scott gave a presentation on Long Exposure Photography taken during the day. Following is a link to a pdf of his presentation so you may download it:

April 08, 2021

Alan Roberts gave a presentation on Lightroom Classic followed by a hands-on workshop at the weekend. He made it into a YouTube video and here is the link to it:

Presentation Title Slide

March 11, 2021

Larry Golden gave a presentation on critiquing photographs

February 25, 2021

Danny Pickens gave a presentation on photographing birds and there is a link below to a pdf of his presentation so you may download it: