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Meetings & Announcements

Meeting Location & Time


The Masonic Lodge,

1329 East 5th Street,

Tyler, TX 75701

Overflow parking is available at the Boy Scouts of America Building next door on the East side of the Lodge.

Next Meeting Date, Program & Theme

13 April 2023: 6:30pm - 9:00pm   (Social hour starts at 5:30pm)

​Program: Nature Photography - Russel Graves

Theme Submission:  Landscape

Monthly Photo Submission Requirements:

We have two categories, Theme & PSA. (Note that PSA i.e. Photographic Society of America, submission used to be our Open category).

A maximum of 2 images may be submitted each month, ONE theme and ONE PSA.


Editing may be done as desired and the only rule that applies is that if you create a composite image, all images used in the composite must have been taken by you. We also ask that, at the club meeting, members briefly explain editing techniques they used to help other members grow in their photographic journey.

Requirements for THEME Submission

  • Theme photo must have been taken SINCE the last meeting. This is to encourage members to go out and use their cameras.

  • Photo must be in jpg format.

  • Maximum image size = 1920 pixels in the long direction with a resolution of 72 dpi.

  • Image must be named as follows: Your Name - Theme - Your Title.jpg

  • Theme photos For March must be submitted to Danny Pickens at

Requirements for PSA Submission

  • PSA photos may have been taken at any time.

  • PSA Skill Levels:

    • Entry Level - You are still learning basic photography skills. How to use your camera, how to get a proper exposure, how to compose a photo. You have entered very few if any competitions and haven't placed any competitions.

    • Intermediate - You are fairly comfortable with your camera and can use Manual mode if you choose. You may be just starting to sell your photos or enter competitions. You may have placed in a competition.

    • Advanced - You are confident with your photography skills. You sell or have sold your images and/or you have entered many competitions. You have placed in more than one competition.

  • Following are PSA requirements for the Open submission:

    • Photo must be in jpg format.

    • Photo in sRGB color space

    • Resolution must be 300ppi

    • If in "Landscape" / Horizontal format: 1400 pixels wide

    • If in "Portrait" / Vertical or Square format: 1050 pixels in height

    • Image must be named as follows: Your Level - Your Name - Your Title.jpg
    • PSA  photos are submitted to:

Past Meetings - 2023

09 March

​Program: Creating a Winning Landscape Image - Larry Treadwell

Theme Submission:  Patterns

09 February

​Program: Editing Photos for Printing & Selling Platforms - David Downs

​​Theme Submission:  Architecture

12 January 2023

​Program: The Basics of Architectural Photography - Alan Roberts, AIA

​​Theme Submission:  Christmas Lights

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